A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Adolescent Girls about iron Insufficiency and Anemia



  • Mrs. Monika Devi NR M.Sc. Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing Govt. Medical College and Hospital Jammu, J&K UT India


Anemia, Food Frequency, Nutritional Challenges, Nutritional Disorder, Iron Deficiency, Iron and Folic Acid Supplement.


Introduction: Deficiency of red cells in blood leads to making insufficient to reach physiological needs that varied regarding variability of a person's age. Iron deficiency is recognised as the most common factor of anemia that affected physical functionality of human beings. Need of this study: Anaemia patient’s number is ranging from 80 to 90 per cent of adolescent girls, pregnant women and preschool children. More than ⅕ of the world population is suffering from anemia and 5 million are located in well-developed countries. Research Methodology: Methodology is conducted through "Quasi-experimental method, Research design is a “one group post-test design" that is subjected to manipulation and evaluation of experimental variables. Structured Questionnaires specify development tools of research about awareness about anemia and iron deficiency for adolescent girls. sampling technique in this research process includes collecting data and information from adolescent girls of Hoshiarpur, 12 to 18 age group and time of data collection. Sampling technique is concerned to assess ability to speak and understand English by those girls by asking questions to assess awareness of adolescent girls. Results: Approximately 85.1 % of students' fathers are educated and mothers are not educated enough. 12.8% of students' parents are employed and well educated. Above 62.9% of students belongs to the nuclear family and 76% of students has comes from a middle-class family. Considering the study, nearly 21% are underweight and approximately 9% of students are overweight. Conclusion: This research has revealed a huge range of prevalence of anemia and iron deficiency among adolescent girls. Lack of intervention and increased of nutritional challenges lead to increased health consequences regarding anaemia and iron deficiency.



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Devi NR, M. M. . (2023). A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Adolescent Girls about iron Insufficiency and Anemia. Journal of Nursing Research,Patient Safety and Practise(JNRPSP) 2799-1210, 3(02), 11–20. https://doi.org/10.55529/jnrpsp.32.11.20