A Study on Internet Addiction and Moral Foundation among Young Adults



  • Ms. Sreya Mukherjee Student, M.A Applied psychology, Amity University, Kolkata
  • Mrs. Rooprekha Baksi Assistant Professor, Psychology department, Amity University, Kolkata


Internet addiction, moral foundation, young adults.


The purpose of the study is to understand the role of internet in the present scenario with respect to moral foundation among young adults. Objectives for the present study is to find out the characteristics of the sample in terms of moral foundation with respect to internet addiction. Sample for the present study is considered to be N =100, where 69 are students and 31 are fresher in profession. Purposive sampling is used in order to conduct the research. Online survey is used to collect the data and conduct a quantitative analysis. Finding for the present study is that though the percentage of people involved in internet addiction is more than normal level of internet usage but there is no or less variation among the participants with respect to moral foundation. Implications is the most important thing in every research. In the present study it can be seen that our youth is heading towards digitalized world. Internet addiction creates no variation in morality.



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Mukherjee, M. S. ., & Baksi, M. R. . (2022). A Study on Internet Addiction and Moral Foundation among Young Adults . Journal of Psychology and Political Science(JPPS) ISSN 2799-1024, 2(02), 6–16. https://doi.org/10.55529/jpps.22.6.16