Covid 19 and its Implications for Gulf Migrants: Some Reflections from Kerala


  • Dr. Ansari P A
  • Prof. Anisur Rahman


Covid 19, Gulf Migration, Return Migrants, Gulf Money, Problems And Prospects Kerala


Covid 19 Has Primarily Affected Gulf Migrants Specifically To Developing Countries Like India. Kerala Is One Of India's Most Popular Immigration Destinations, And Migrant Workers Account For A Sizable Portion Of The State's Workforce. Because Of High Pay Levels And Growing Demand For Manual Labour Jobs, Migrant Workers Appear To Be In All Occupations And Sectors Of The Regional Economy. The Article Also Aims To Explore And Evaluate The State's Response To The Covid 19 Crisis. Kerala's Efforts To Address The Pandemic Demonstrate That They Have Been Innovative And Exceptional. Even So, Many Immigrants Are Ignorant And Work Primarily In The Informal Or Unorganised Sector In Gulf. The Return Migrants Once Were The Backbone Of Kerala Economy Has Changed To A Side-Lined Community All Of A Sudden. They Are Not Organised And Are Neither In A Position To Negotiate For Their Rights Nor Labour Standards. Even After The Migration Period, The Life Of Gulf Migrants Is Filled With Troubles And Diseases; Thus, They Lead Their Lives Without The Care Of Extended Family Members Or The State. These Migrants Face Similar Social And Economic Challenges Once They Lose The Tag Of Breadwinners For The Family. The Study Exclusively Focuses On The Socio-Economic Life- Social Networks Of These Migrants Who Are Dumped By The State And Society And Excluded From Society's Socio-Cultural Frame. The Present Research Will Help Frame New Policies For The Betterment Of Return Migrants Who Worked In GCC Countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar And The UAE). The Study Gives A Better Outlook For The Life Of Return Migrants' In Kerala, Especially In Covid 19 Scenario.



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Dr. Ansari P A, & Prof. Anisur Rahman. (2021). Covid 19 and its Implications for Gulf Migrants: Some Reflections from Kerala. Journal of Psychology and Political Science(JPPS) ISSN 2799-1024, 1(01), 21–36.