Substance Abuse And Mental Health Disorder Among The Youth Living In Conflict Environment


  • Manzoor Ahmad Malla Ph.D. research scholar,Department of Sociology Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad Telangana India


Substance abuse and mental health issue in conflicted environment zones is a major public health concern. Exposure to the climate of terrorism and conflict has been inextricably linked with growing phenomenon of mental health disorder and substance abuse. State of Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed long conflict for the past few decades, resulted disastrous consequence on the lives of population. Studies in this regard have been remained neutral to study conflict and psychiatric disorder and its association with substance abuse. Aims: The main aim of the study is to explore the link between substance abuse and mental health disorders among the people living in conflict zone of Kashmir. Materials and Methods: The present study was conducted in various departments of Counseling and Mental Health Assessments Clinic Centre in districts and sub district government hospitals in Kashmir region. For this study, 240 patients has selected through the purposive sampling of non-probability method. The interview schedule was main research tools used for this study. Results: The findings of the study indicate that people living in the conflict affected region are more vulnerable to develop mental health disorder like depression, anxiety and stress consequently leads them to induce in substance abuse behaviour. The study examines there is close association between mental health disorder and use of harmful substance such as, depressants drugs, opioid, cannabis and non-medicinal prescription of drugs. Further the study also found that harmful substances are mainly used to relieve the psychological disorder. Moreover the study finds that exposure of conflict related incidents such as socio-economic challenges; unemployment, family problem, killings, property destruction, torture and detention are the main cause of psychological disorder. Conclusion: There is a substantial relationship between the prevalence of psychological disorders and substance abuse in a conflict setting. When dealing with a population exposed to violence and terrorism, special attention should be paid to the detection, prevention, and treatment of these illnesses.



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