Rising Fundamentalism: The Challenging Time for Secularism



  • Aadil Ahmad Shairgojri Department of Political science and Public Administration Research Scholar of Annamalai University Tamil Nadu, India


Fundamentalism, Political changes, Secularism, Displacement etc.


Fundamentalism is the belief in ancient and traditional forms of worship, as well as the belief that whatever is written in a holy book is correct. It was especially noticeable in the twentieth century, which sought to recover and publicly institutionalise aspects of the past that had been obscured by modern life. Fundamentalism has seen a meteoric rise in the twenty-first century, with fanaticism and international terrorism on the rise as well. Fundamentalists consider secular states to be their primary adversary because their goals do not always coincide with one another. All of these goals, according to the fundamentalists, are obstacles to t their ultimate goal of preserving the spiritual dimension of human life. Fundamentalism is an ideology that has not only taken hold in poor and underdeveloped countries, but has also taken hold in developed, liberal, and democratic countries. The primary goal of this research is to demonstrate that fundamentalism is on the rise at a time when secularism is under threat.



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