Art and Architecture of Ancient Kashmir during Karkota Dynasty with Special Reference to Lalitaditya Muktapida (724-761 A.D)


  • Shabir Ahmad Lone Research Scholar of Department of History, Annamalai University, Tamilnadu, India-608002


Reign, Art and Architecture, Glorious, Temple, Viharas


The Karkota dynasty of Kashmir was led by Lalitaditya Muktapida, who was its greatest emperor. During his reign, which lasted from 724 until 761 AD, he brought Egypt to the peak of glory. His rule was unquestionably historic in many ways, but his conquests are what history will remember him for the most. The kingdom's golden age began during Lalitaditya's leadership. For him, there was no one religion that he could not accept. At this period, both Buddhism and Brahmanism, the two major religions in India at the time, gained support from this emperor, who built temples for the Buddha and other gods? Several viharas, where learning flourished, were established by the king, who lavishly supported scholars. Foreign scholars and intelligentsia were treated with respect in Kashmir, and several cultural missions from other countries were welcomed. Many public buildings and services were overhauled under his watch. In the event of a natural disaster, farmers were given access to irrigation facilities and relief measures were put in place. As a result of the establishment of charitable institutions, those in need were fed every day. During the reign of Lalitaditya, also known as Samudurgupta of Kashmir, the author of this thesis focuses on art and architecture. During his reign, Kashmir prospered in art, architecture, culture, and learning. Many historians and writers have dubbed him the "Alexander of Kashmiri history" because of his many victories. The study will investigate the old styles of art and architecture from the time of the Karkota Dynasty, which was controlled by Lalitaditya from 724-761. These styles are of considerable significance in the modern era as part of the rich cultural history of the country.



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