An Analytical Study of the Kushan Rule in Kashmir


  • Rashid Manzoor Bhat Research Scholar Department of History, Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu, India


Kushan, Kanishka, Kashmir, Buddhism, Art.


Kanishka's reign was clearly a time of unprecedented prosperity for Kashmir. There are numerous Kushan art treasures with Buddhist themes scattered throughout the valley, which proves this. The only people who can get to some of these places even now are intrepid explorers. The large number of Kanishka's coins that have been found so far in Kashmir proves this. Vasishka is also known as Vajheshka in records from the time, and it is likely that he was known by this name in Kashmir, which was called Juska until the time of Kalhana. This is another important sign that Kashmir became a famous place in the Kushan empire. In addition to writing about the building projects of the three Kushana rulers and the growth of Buddhism during their time in power, Rajatrangni also mentions Juska's time in power. As the saying goes, "that wise king Jayasvami, who built Juskapura with its Vihara, was also the founder of Jayasvamipura." In this study at attempt has been made to explore and analyse the Kushan rule in Kashmir.



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