Decoding the Script: The Logographic Writing System of the Oldest Language


  • Dr. Khalid Bashir Assistant Professor History GDC Kupwara, India.
  • Ishfaq Ahmad Mir Research Scholar Annamalai University Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Darzi Associate Professor GDC Kupwara, India.
  • Momin Sajad Kar Research Scholar Ct University Ludhiana, India.
  • Dr. Irshad Ahmad Lone Assistant Professor GDC Kupwara, India.


Decoding, Logographic Writing, Oldest Language, Linguistic Analysis, Cultural Impact.


This study explores into the logographic writing system employed by the oldest language known to humanity. Through meticulous examination of ancient textual artifacts and linguistic analysis, it seeks to unravel the intricacies of this unique script. By exploring the symbolic representations utilized to convey meaning, the study sheds light on the cognitive and cultural dimensions of early human communication. Additionally, it investigates the enduring influence of this logographic system on subsequent linguistic traditions and its role in shaping the evolution of written expression. Through this exploration, the study contributes to a deeper understanding of the linguistic heritage of ancient civilizations and the enduring legacy of their written language systems.



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Dr. Khalid Bashir, Ishfaq Ahmad Mir, Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Darzi, Momin Sajad Kar, & Dr. Irshad Ahmad Lone. (2024). Decoding the Script: The Logographic Writing System of the Oldest Language. Journal of Language and Linguistics in Society(JLLS) ISSN 2815-0961, 4(03), 37–42.