Assessment of Some Biometrics and Biochemical Parameters in Migraine Patients


  • Faiz Ali Al-Mfrgi High diploma in pathoanalysis-Optics Department-College of Health and Medical Techniques-Al-Door -Northern Technical university-Salahaddin-Iraq.
  • Maan Hasan Salih Doctorate in molecular biology-Biology Department-Science College-Tikrit University- Salahaddin -Iraq.


Migraine, Serum Minerals, BP, and BMI.


Background: Migraine is a pulsating and recurrent headache in one or both side. It may be caused by induce of nerves in the brain blood vessels walls and its associates with photophobia. Objectives: Measure of Body mass index (BMI), blood pressure (BP), serum calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and iron (Fe) in migraine patients. Methods: This study performed on 94 persons (64 migraine: 30 control), who visited Al-Duloya General Hospital, Tikrit Educational Hospital, and neurological clinics in Al-Duloya and Tkrit. Also it contains visiting participants to their homes in Salahaddin in Iraq. A socio-demographic characters, length, weight, and BP taken directly. 3-5ml blood sampled for obtaining serum. Biochemical tests analyzed by spectrophotometer in Central laboratory of Tikrit University. The study period extended from 30-7-2023 to 27-9-2023. GraphPrism9 program and T-test used for statistical analysis. Results: Patient age was 34.9(16-63) year. Higher percentages reported in female (79.6%) and family history (68.7%). BMI (29.1±5.5), (27.6±5.3) kg/m2, systolic BP (11.7±1.2), (11.5±1.1), and diastolic BP (7.5±0.8), (7.2±1.0) Cm.Hg, show non-significant elevation in migraine compare with control respectively. Mg reveals significant decrease (1.7±0.7), (2.1±0.6), but Ca (7±0.5), (7.3±0.7) and Iron (82±57), (90±52) mg/dL reveal non-significant decrease in migraine compare with control respectively. Conclusions: BMI and BP show non-significant elevation. While Mg reveals significant decrease, Ca and Iron reveal non-significant decrease in patients.



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Faiz Ali Al-Mfrgi, & Maan Hasan Salih. (2024). Assessment of Some Biometrics and Biochemical Parameters in Migraine Patients. Journal of Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Human Diseases (JPDMHD) 2799-1202, 4(03), 9–17.