The Relevance of Taylor's Scientific Management in the Modern Era


  • Showkat Ahmad Dar Department of Political science and Public Administration Research Scholar of Annamalai University Tamil Nadu, India


Taylor, Scientific Management, Relevance, Principles, and Organisations etc


Frederick Winslow was an American and sculptor who lived in the nineteenth century. Taylor was born in 1856 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and died in 1915 in the same city. What is Taylor's contribution to the contemporary business environment? Taylor has provided management principles that can be used to improve the efficiency of an organisation. Taylor provided us with scientific management principles, which are now being implemented by all organisations in order to increase productivity at the shop floor level. The principles help to achieve effective results. Taylor, also known as the "Father of Scientific Management," demonstrated that a scientific method could be applied to management, citing names such as W. Taylor and Fredrick Winslow in his practical theories. Taylor placed a strong emphasis on management at the supervisory level, as well as the performance of managers and employees at the operational level of the organisation. The aim of study is to identify and amylase the Relevance of Taylor's Scientific Management in the Modern Era.



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