Uniform Civil Code: Why Implementation is a Himalayan Task



  • Showkat Ahmad Dar Department of Political science and Public Administration
  • Dr. Nasser Ahmad Lone Research Scholar of Annamalai University Tamil Nadu, India


Uniform Civil code, Need, Debate, Diversity, Democracy and challenges etc.


Every strict gathering, paying little heed to class or orientation, are represented by common regulation, for example, the Uniform Civil Code, which administers issues like marriage, separation, reception, and property legacy. The government is expected by Article 44 of the constitution to bend over backward to guarantee that all Indian residents are dependent upon a similar common code. In 1835, the Britinsh governmnent gave a report suggesting that Indian agreement, proof, and wrongdoing regulations be arranged. Moreover, individual laws of Hindus and Muslims won't be classified, as per the record. The significance of having a uniform civil code in India is an interesting issue. Will the party's next huge political push, in front of the Lok Sabha elections in 2024, be the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The motivation behind this paper is to cause to notice the squeezing need for an Indian Civil Code and challenges associated with it.



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Dar, S. A. ., & Lone, D. N. A. . (2022). Uniform Civil Code: Why Implementation is a Himalayan Task. Journal of Psychology and Political Science(JPPS) ISSN 2799-1024, 2(06), 7–13. https://doi.org/10.55529/jpps.26.7.13